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Warrior Pointe's Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about Warrior Pointe? Have a question you need answered? Our FAQ is the place to be. If you need an answer that is not listed on our website or in this FAQ, please ask us thru the contact for on the main page so we can get you an answer.

  • What is the total number of members? Our current nationwide membership is over 1,900.
  • What are some of the common activities that Warrior Pointe participates in? Warrior Pointe primarily focuses on local member interaction through chapter meetings to strengthen the bond of brotherhood and to foster the camaraderie. We also try to help with volunteering with other organizations in any events that may be happening in our immediate area.
  • What type of services does Warrior Pointe provide for the Veteran Community? Warrior Pointe provides varying degrees of support to the veterans. We provide a safe place for likeminded people to meet and discuss their problems with friends who understand exactly how the other is feeling. We also provide more serious peer support with a qualified group of veteran volunteers and provide a wide range of assistance through referral to community based services.
  • Why should I join? There are many veteran organizations that do specific things. Warrior Pointe is unique in that we are a “one stop” because we provide multiple services to our veteran brother’s and sister’s.
  • What are the costs involved? There are no dues or fees. We all paid our dues when we raised our right arm and swore to protect the Constitution by all means necessary up to and including our life.
  • How do I join? Joining is easy. Simply go to www.warriorpointe.org and submit an application for the appropriate state that you reside in. It is safe and secure. You will also need to provide proof of service.
  • What are the requirements? The only requirement for membership in Warrior Pointe is that you have served honorably in the U.S. Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard or their reserve components) and can show proof of that service.
  • What does Warrior Pointe do that other veteran organizations do not? Warrior Pointe allows all veterans to join. Whether you served in peacetime or in combat; if you are male or female. It does not matter what era you served in or if you are still on Active Duty or in a Reserve status. We do not discriminate and all are welcome to join our ranks.
  • How do members from the same state interact if they are hundreds of miles apart? Although Warrior Pointe’s main goal is to form chapters and have face to face interaction there may be times when a member falls outside of a chapter boundaries. If this occurs we encourage the member to take initiative and do word of mouth recruiting from veterans in his or her community. We also have the ability to communicate through Skype and other video chat medium to ensure members are connected to one another.
  • Why should I choose Warrior Pointe over other organizations such as V.F.W. or IAVA? Warrior Pointe caters to all of our nation’s veterans and we do not require a monthly or yearly fee to be involved with us. We are also not affiliated with the Veterans Administration. We are a group founded by veterans for veterans. Most organizations also require you to be conflict affiliated. Not Warrior Pointe. If you wore the uniform of our nation’s military then YOU are Warrior Pointe!
  • Is Warrior Pointe a non-profit organization? Yes, Warrior Pointe Inc. has filed as a non-profit in the states of Idaho and California, and has received Federal non-profit (501(c)3) status with the IRS.
  • Does the staff get paid? At this time, no one gets paid. From chapter commander all the way to the top to the President of the organization. We are an all-volunteer force.
  • How does Warrior Pointe Inc. make money? Warrior Pointe at this time makes limited funds through the sale of t-shirts through various companies who donate these funds to our organization.
  • Does Warrior Pointe Inc. accept donations at this time? Yes, but we do not actively ask for it.