Idaho Women’s Veterans Memorial

Warrior Pointe is going to be having a brick placed at this memorial. This is a chance for us to get our name out in a positive manner and support Idaho Veterans Garden.

Idaho’s first-ever Woman’s Veteran Memorial. It will only be the 8th one in the country. The memorial is going to be a 2.5-acre park with a life-sized statue of Idaho Fallen Soldier Carrie French and Idaho Veteran Marrissa McCarty who was there with French as she died as a result of her truck being hit by an IED in 2005.

The memorial what it will look like.

You can find out more information on Idaho Veterans Garden at this link

There is a concert on May 23, 2020, at Ford Idaho Center The Promise will have American Hitman, Maximus, Heath Clark Band, and Soldier Hard and Stephen Hobbs from REDCON-1. You can purchase tickets for this event from this link

The Promise Concert