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Warrior Pointe Supporters

Warrior Pointe wants to say thank you to the following businesses who have donated time, money or resources to support our goals. Without their support and the support of everyone who’s donated we would not be the organization we are today. Please take a moment and support them.

Dysfunctional Veterans Company Logo

Dysfunctional Veterans

We sport our warped veteran humor on t-shirts, hoodies, hats, patches and cards. Profits from the sale of items from the DV store are used to support the DV Farm project. The DV FARM will bridge the gap from treatment to home by providing a serene environment where those that have already completed treatment can find the strength to carry on their sobriety beyond initial treatment. The DV Farm is designed as a temporary housing facility that will address the needs of veterans that do not have the means to generate a stable living situation for themselves.

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Grunt Style Company Logo

Grunt Style

Grunt Style is a group of 91 highly motivated American veterans and patriots who love three things: PT, Freedom & Bacon. Not necessarily in that order. We design and manufacture our unique style of gear exclusively in-house during the week, so that we can spend the weekends drinking whiskey and hanging at the range, enjoying the American Dream.

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Airborne Ron's Company Logo

Airborne Ron's High Speed Tactical Wristwear

Our High Speed Tactical Wristwear pieces are all hand-tied, each and every one. Over 10,000 now! We can customize your bracelets for your business, event, or as a swag item for a convention, etc. We provide a wide variety of MIL-SPEC Grade Paracord products to fit your unique needs. They are all designed with safety in mind and can be used in an emergency situation. They can be stylish, functional, and practical as well.

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Battle in Distress Logo

Battle in Distress

Battle In Distress shall work to be the missing link that connects Veterans and currently serving members of the United States Armed Forces who are in or at risk for being in mental, emotional, financial, or psychological distress to the individuals, organizations, government entities, or other entities that provide services or assistance that can ameliorate the underlying problems that lead them to a state of distress.

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If you are a battle in distress, please go to the BID Facebook.

Rev Bob Levy Logo

Rev Bob Levy

Bob Levy is a comedian actor and radio show host. He is also one of Warrior Pointe's most vocal supporters.

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22 Paws Logo

22 Paws

22 PAWS is a unique program designed by professional working dog Master Trainers to pair Veterans with quality professionally trained Service Dogs, not only just for Post traumatic stress disorder, but to help restore independence through the use of mobility dogs as well. Even more than that, we support our Military and Veterans. 22 PAWS is deeply concerned about the fact that 22 veterans per day, that is almost one an hour, commit suicide. We know there is another way.

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T-Mont Plumbing

T-Mont Plumbing

T-Mont Plumbing has been dedicated to providing superior services in North Jersey with over 70 years of combined knowledge. If your looking for a plumber in Essex County , you have found the right company.

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T-Mont Plumbing

Aspen Kitchen and Bath

Aspen Kitchen and Bath is a full service custom kitchen and bath remodeling company with two New Jersey showrooms located in Verona, NJ.

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